The Assassinated Press

Libby Is No Liddy.
With a name Like ‘Scooter ’ You Just Want to Fucking Laugh.
From Giddy to Glibby…or Some Such Shit.

The Assassinated Press

Jesus Fucking Christ. What the living fuck is happening to our felonious spooks, our white, upper crust criminal class and the stooges that carry out their every wish and command like the little asswipe lap dogs that they are. Enter Scooter Libby.

Dumb Is the New Smart.

Fuck, a pole taken in 1983 had 98% of respondents saying they wouldn’t wipe their asses with Dick Nixon’s face and here this dumb fuck G. Gordon Liddy does time to keep Tricky’s Dick out of the slammer or more probably from the full bore public disgrace the fuckin’ prick deserved, may god heap eternal damnation upon his soul.

Now, you got this nasally little poodle whiner Libby who outs CIA agents, something better left to people like me, on behalf of his fat prick douche bag of a boss, Dick Cheney. At least Liddy plotted to kill journalists and plan burglaries stuff people in permanent lock down in Joliet can relate to.

But outing a CIA agent!? Shite. Now, that’s fuckin’ high brow. How Dick Cheney of you, becoming a threat to your own national security. How John Grisham like. How Tom Clancy like.

Libby Knows Cheney to Die Soon.

And now that Scooter knows that Dick hasn’t got long on this earth, he’s again speaking out Scooter is preparing to sell out his old fuck of a boss Cheney. How un-Liddy like.

When Monica Crowley on FOX asked him if a feared a backlash from Lynn Cheney, Libby answered, “I think I can handle that lying cunt. Remember daddy will be dead and she’ll have to get ALL of her courage from a bottle like I do.”

If Liddy was walking down the street and you called him a faggot, he just smiled behind that big faggoty mustache and walked on. When you run into Libby and call him a faggot, he doesn't smile. Try it. See if I'm wrong.

No radio talk show for you, Scooter. That’s a punishment reserved for white collar felons with blue collar aspirations that keep their mouth shut. What do I see for you? Most likely CIA director because that’s the kind of fucked up country we are. Or security liaison between Google and US intelligence.